Laura Callaghan Art

Sketchbook experiments - July 2023

4 July 2023

I have been on an exciting creative journey lately, delving into mixed media experiments on mini khadi cotton rag paper. The experience has been utterly fascinating!

Mixed media materials provides an excellent platform for exploration and discovery. The process, often spontaneous, involves combining different mediums that you'd not normally mix, to create a varied range of textures and forms. This spontaneous process leads to unexpected, transformative effects that surprise and inspire me in equal measure!

Working with khadi cotton rag paper is great.... This type of paper, known for its durability and unique texture, lends an interesting and versatile base for my miniature art experiments. Its distinctive characteristics add depth and intrigue to each piece, enhancing the overall aesthetic and feel of the artwork - they feel nice to work on!

Keeping track of each creation has become an integral part of my creative process. I document every unique outcome in a sketchbook, thus creating a growing reference for my future artworks. This personal art journal is not just a testament to my artistic evolution, but it also serves as a rich resource filled with a plethora of ideas and techniques. My personal handbook of mixed media material techniques!

Being able to look back at my work, appreciate the changes, and use past creations as a springboard for future pieces adds an enriching dimension to my art practice. It’s like conversing with my past self, learning, growing, and evolving with each interaction.