Laura Callaghan Art

Happy World Oceans Day

8 June 2023

*** In exactly one year’s time, in 2024, I will be holding a special World Oceans Day exhibition at The Crypt in Seaford (date for the diary! ha ha!)***

The sea is so special to me….

Why is it important to love and protect our seas?

Our ocean….

Produces over 50% of the earth’s oxygen

Makes up over 95% of the biosphere
(the part of the planet where life can exist)

Absorbs 90% of heat from global warming

30% of the planet’s CO 2 emissions are absorbed by the ocean

Is home to the planet’s largest carbon sinks

Is one of the main repositories of the world’s biodiversity

Contains ~250,000 known species with many more to be discovered

Is a vast source of renewable energy. Ocean energy can be extracted from tides, waves, thermal energy conversion, currents, & salinity gradients

Covers 70% of the planet, but humanity has only ever seen ~10%