Laura Callaghan Art

🌅✨ Embrace the Beauty of the Sunset! 🖼️

1 January 1970

Here we have “Sunset Retreat" and "The Sunset Hour." These paintings are both available on my website 🎨💫 and I felt were apt to share at the time of the Autumn Equinox, when hours of light and dark begin to tip the balance.

Both paintings are a meditation on that lovely time of day when the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the shimmering shoreline. 🌞🌊🌅🌟

Crafted with love, they feature sustainably sourced beach-combed sands, shells, and organic treasures from my local beach in Brighton. 🐚🌿 Created with acrylic paint, texture medium, and semi-precious clear, white, and tiger's eye crystal quartz. ✨🖌️

Each painting measures 80 x 40cm and each is priced at £750.

Visit my seascapes page to take a closer look at the paintings - - 🌅 to add a touch of sunset serenity to your space. 🏡💖