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Our Plastic Seas IV


Each day, I embark on leisurely walks along the picturesque beaches of East Sussex, accompanied by my dog, Geoffrey. At the ebb of low tides, particularly after turbulent storms or during the peak of spring tides following the full and new moons, the shoreline unveils its treasures. Amidst the natural debris of marine life such as mermaid's purses, cuttlebones, and whelk egg cases, I encounter a disheartening sight: discarded fishing nets and plastic fragments, some having traversed great distances across the ocean. Confronted by this distressing reality, I recognized an opportunity to repurpose these discarded materials into canvases for my art, painting intricate seascapes upon what would otherwise be deemed waste. Through my creations depicting 'seas of plastic,' I aim to offer a poignant reflection on the potential fate of our oceans should we neglect to amend our behaviors. By transforming litter into expressive sea portrayals, I endeavor to evoke both a sense of hope and an urgent call to action in safeguarding and preserving our oceans. This transformative process symbolizes our collective commitment to cherishing and protecting these invaluable ecosystems, underscoring the capacity for positive change amidst environmental adversity.

About Our Plastic Seas IV

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   30cm W   42cm

  • Acrylic paint
  • Plastic debris and plastic fragments found on East Sussex beaches
  • Glass

Delivery and ordering

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