Laura Callaghan Art

Our Days At The Beach


"Our Days at the Beach" evokes memories of carefree summer days spent lounging on the sand and wading in the ocean. The painting is created using beachcombed sand and shingle, lending an authentic coastal feel to the artwork.

The painting features a beautiful blend of blues, capturing the vastness of the ocean and the limitless possibilities of a day at the beach. The beachcombed texture adds depth and interest to the piece, with each stroke of the brush bringing the painting to life with a unique and organic feel.

"Our Days at the Beach" would make a perfect addition to any coastal-themed decor, adding a touch of serenity and relaxation to any space. It would look stunning in a living room or bedroom, reminding the viewer of the beauty and tranquility of the ocean.

About Our Days At The Beach

  • Seascapes

Sizing H   20cm W   20cm

  • Beach combed materials
  • Canvas
  • Framed
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mixed media

Delivery and ordering

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